Our Ceiling Grid Technology Makes It Easy

Noah's can offer you a unique look through the use of our ceiling grids.

Have you ever tried decorating a ceiling using a ladder? At Noah's the ceiling comes to you. Our unique ceiling grids lower to whatever height you need! No more struggling with ladders, or wires to make your ceiling unique. Just come to Noah's and use our moving grid system to make your decorating process enjoyable. Schedule a tour today by calling 1 800 MY NOAHS.

From the Floor to The Ceiling

At Noah's the ceiling comes to you! Our grid system provides a unique pallet for your decorating needs. The solid wood design is durable enough to tack, staple, or tape up to 200 lbs per grid! Drape beautiful fabric to give the room an elegant look. You can even hang chandeliers, Chinese lanterns, flowers, banners, lights and so much more.

Our grids also tilt east and west or north and south. You can create a vaulted ceiling in a square room! Use your imagination to design something that is truly your own!

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